Promotional Marketing

Promotional marketing encourages prospects to try something new and enhances existing customer loyalty. Depending on what your campaign requires, we have a range of solutions and the experience to meet your needs. 

The strengths of our innovative and versatile materials mean that not only can they be placed in unusual and eye catching places but their reusability enables consumers to interact with them and in some cases, take home to provide an ongoing brand reminder.

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Our unique, easy to use products have been used for an amazing range of promotional activities, including interactive retail promotions, bottle-shaped pieces for alcohol brand bar promotions and even water-resistant stickers for use in showers to raise awareness for a charity. 

Promotional marketing is a great way to promote new products and services in unique and creative ways. It can build brand awareness, inform audiences about new features and improvements, or offer discounts to drive sales.


Why Choose Us?

  • Versatile - Whether you are promoting a special offer or launching a new product, our unique promotional materials can be placed in surprising places, to catch the attention of consumers.
  • Easy to use - No expensive installation required, all our products are quick and easy to use and remove.
  • Long lasting -  Rest assured that wherever you use our products there will be no sticky residue or damage left behind.

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