Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is one of the most effective types of campaigning, it engages potential customers in one of the most non-intrusive ways possible. There is a reason why brands spent £1.39 billion on this form of marketing in the UK in 2019 alone - it’s clearly effective. We can help you make your campaign interactive and ultimately more memorable!

The most common methods include magazine inserts, envelope mailers and advertising mail, all of which, if not done right can end up in the bin. However, the novelty value of our versatile, damage free products prompt interaction which leads to long term brand recall.

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Our highly versatile CLINGZ media can be displayed on any available wall or window or even the coffee machine, where it catches everyone’s attention and keeps your brand in the spotlight. 

Our team will ensure your print campaign really takes off and that your direct mail marketing campaign delivers the ROI you are after. 

Why Opt For Direct Marketing Campaigns?

The statistics speak for themselves. Did you know that:

  • Direct mail marketing requires 21% less cognitive effort to take in than an email does. This is vital because we live in an internet age where people are taking in information at such a rapid rate, so direct marketing, in a nutshell, gets the message across with little effort from the recipients!
  • Print is trustworthy – Consumers can trust print advertisements, there is no danger associated with interacting with printed materials, whereas with digital alternatives there is always the possible risk of viruses or spam.
  • Personalised direct marketing builds customer loyalty - 84% of consumers said that they would be more likely to open mail that had a personalised touch
  • Finally, direct mail marketing is more memorable than digital campaigns! A study from Bangor University found that since direct mail is physical, we are able to retain it in our memories and are far more likely to be able to recall brands this way, compared to other mediums.

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